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Welcome to Hotel Kleopatra in the village of Gliki!

According to an old legend a terrible dragon used to live in a cave on the banks of the River Acheron, who poisoned the river water so that anyone who drank from it had to die.
In order to placate him and so be able to drink from the river, every year the villagers sacrificed a virgin.
The dragon was then killed by Andonatos, whose deed made him a saint and he became known from then on as Agios Donatos.
He made the water of the Acheron sweet and drinkable again and the village at the foot of the Acheron gorge was named Gliki (sweet).

Today the village of Gliki is freed of the dragon and is surrounded by wild romantic nature. Every summer the village fills with visitors who wish to enjoy this unique countryside.
From the edge of the village the path begins which crosses the famous gorge of the Acherontas. The gorge leads to the cave of the dragon, a huge opening in a steep cliff, out of which water flows.

We hope you have a pleasant stay in Gliki and discover more of the different facettes of life in Greece.

Your Kleopatra Team

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